The Gift of Donations: Society of St.Vincent de Paul

This blog post is dedicated to the members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul who devote their efforts to helping those in need. ­The origins of this organization date as far as 1833, when Frederic Ozanam, a kindhearted college student, established it. Vincentian volunteers have donated their time and energy to serving the less fortunate and providing food, clothing, shelter, emotional, and financial support. These efforts are made possible by the organization’s thrift stores, which are used to help thousands of low-income individuals each year.

Being an organization composed of approximately 2,500 volunteers who annually spend about 263,000 hours in helping, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles, is a growing association in the Los Angeles and Long Beach areas. Being partnered with the American Red Cross, Tempur-pedic, Ford, Penske, Motel 6, and other supporters, the Society has been dedicated to helping others with the encouragement of its contributions. This society has aided over 159,000 people obtain essential resources in times of need.

The society runs and operates several successful facilities in the LA, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties such as The Cardinal Manning Center for homeless men, St. Vincent’s family housing for homeless families, a prisoner resettlement house, a free learning center from ESL and GED students, and many other centers that benefit people in communities.

Executive director of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles states, “A lot of people think the Society is just a thrift store, but we are more than a store.”(  The thrift stores located across the counties are the heart of the society and with its donations, achievements such as distributing over $2 million dollars worth of food in the last year, in efforts to aid the hungry, become a reality.

By finding new alternatives to help the less fortunate, the Society stands behind the motto of “No Act of Charity is Foreign to the Society” and the quest to offer help will only further develop.

The Society is a great Los Angeles based, Catholic volunteer organization that I feel more people need to be aware of and become part of a change. There are many ways of helping, such as becoming a part-time volunteer, Vincentian member, donating online, or donating in-store. Its mission is to improve lives of people in our communities by helping those in need and any help goes to a great cause.

After researching more about this organization, I plan on joining the effort to give back to my community. With so many ways to help others, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul sets an amazing example of how kind deeds can change lives. For more information on how to join the mission of aiding the needy in Southern California visit

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