Apex: The One


Apex: The One

Located in the heart of the city, this high-rise apartment structure offers lavishness and sophistication to its residents. Averaging from $2,890 for a studio to more expensive and luxurious options, the stylish look of this complex is impressive, and living there must be a privilege like no other. Surrounded by popular entertainment venues such as L.A. Live, Regal Cinemas, and the hundreds of other attractions and dining options offered by Downtown Los Angeles, the residents are submerged in an exciting atmosphere.

From below, the building looks enormous, and I knew one thing: I had to get on that rooftop. With security monitoring everyone who enters the building, the main lobby was not an option. Sneaking in through the parking structure gate was my only chance to get in. As I waited for a car to come in, I casually walked into the parking structure and began looking for ways to either get on an elevator or staircase. The first two floors of the parking structure are accessible, but the rest of the stories have to be accessed from the elevators inside, and the elevators are only operational with a resident key. I had to find a way inside, and as I explored the area, I ended up toward the back of the property, where the gym and pool are located.

In the back, there is a door that doesn’t require a keycard to get in and leads to the inside of the building. Keeping in mind that the elevators are not operational without a keycard, I located the fire escape staircase and began climbing to the top. I started climbing each story as quietly as I could to avoid being heard or caught by security. Not sure of how many stories the building was, and having climbed for a while, it seemed like I was climbing a stairway to heaven. The fire escape doesn’t have air conditioning and gets really hot, so by the time I reached the 30th floor, I was sweaty, exhausted, and short of breath. As I peeked through the rooftop entrance door, my eyes scanned for any signs of securities or cameras. There is a camera aimed right at the door, so I preceded with my mission and moved as quickly as I could to avoid being caught on tape. The rooftop is a clustered area surrounded by generators, pipes, and ventilation units that power the building. The helipad is located in the center, and as I climbed a small staircase and saw the view, I knew I had reached my destination.

This specific rooftop helipad is marked with the number 15 and offers an amazing 360-degree view of the city. The experience of climbing this structure was adrenaline-charged as it is highly supervised by security, and it being the highest rooftop I’ve ever been on. The view is truly impressive and the satisfaction of successfully getting there is very much liberating.

Photos by: Me


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