Santa Fe Building



The Santa Fe Building rooftop offers a captivating view of downtown Los Angeles, but getting up there might be a little tricky. The structure is composed of luxurious lofts for people who enjoy living in the heart of the city, so access to the rooftop requires a passcode that is known by the residents only.

Curious to get on this rooftop, I waited outside the main entrance for an occupant to input the password and open the door. I casually circled the area for about 10 minutes until someone came and pressed the code into the security system. I stayed close behind him and peeked at the screen to see which numbers he had entered and succeeded in obtaining the four-digit passcode needed to go in and out whenever I wanted to. Once inside, I located the fire escape staircase, climbed 11 stories, and jumped a 6-foot gated fence that blocks people from entering the spacious rooftop. Fortunately, there isn’t a security guard on duty, so the likelihood of getting in trouble is lessened. Ultimately, the mesmerizing view of the city during the day or night is breathtaking, and the challenge of getting there is an exciting experience.


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