Rooftop 10

Los Angeles is an amazing city with world-famous attractions and landmarks that are flooded by visitors each year. In 2015, the power of tourism helped boost L.A.’s economy by $20.6 billion as 45.6 million visitors created jobs and opportunities for hundreds of people. Iconic touristic spots such as Venice Beach, the Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Boulevard or Sunset Strip have been common places for visiting. The benefit of being a local creates opportunities to explore and experience the city in a thorough sense.

As a scenery enthusiast, my eager quest to find the coolest hidden spots throughout the city has only grown stronger.As a photographer, finding ways to capture the city’s essence through a camera lens has been an on-growing passion that has led me to discover non-touristic locations that have allowed me to experience Los Angeles in an extraordinary way. With digital photography on the rise, the competition of getting captivating images is intense and more competitive each and every day.

Rooftop pictures have been a trending favorite for many photographers due to their positive response from users across social media sites. It has become popular to try to find the best spots across the city regardless if it is trespassing private on property. Photographer around the world have been going through great lengths to capture incredible shots of the city’s skyline, and in some cases it has led to getting into trouble with the law. Rooftopping pioneer, Tom Ryaboi, accompanied by two other photographers was arrested on a roof in Toronto after having trespassed an observation deck of a building in downtown. They were charged with “Break and Enter and Commit”, “Mischief Under five thousand dollars”, and other charges for possessing instruments used to break in.

The first location I discovered was the Promenade Towers located on Figueroa St. The experience was thrilling and exciting as the only way to the top of the roof is to wait for someone with a key to open the door, use the elevator to get off on the highest floor available, find the emergency stair case, and walk up the stairs till you find the door, which leads to the rooftop. The helipad is marked with the number ten and offers the most amazing view of the city. The skyline is breathtaking and truly an exhilarating experience to get to the top. Visitors to the city will experience the city in a common way, but it takes a underground spot to make you experience Los Angeles in all its glory.


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